About Retail Assistance Corporation

Our field force of over 1,000 dedicated service professionals is thoroughly trained in gathering actionable consumer research and internal measurements for our clients. We have a unique platform that has been leveraged by America’s finest corporations.

RAC impacts our clients’ business:

  • In Store: with over 1,000 service professionals, RAC has a team member within 15 miles of every major mall in the nation!
  • Digitally: We ensure a positive digital footprint for our clients. We help collect and monitor user generated content. We accelerate content delivery. Within 48 hours, we can post authentic user generated content
  • We only have professionals on our team. Each field representative undergoes a rigorous vetting process by an experienced RAC personnel plus we require a recommendation from store management before hiring. You will be proud to have us as your ambassadors in the stores!
  • Our goal is to maximize sell throughs and turns
  • At RAC, we provide data that increases consumer loyalty
  • RAC delivers superior in store merchandising and analysis
  • Our team develops and maintains relationships with in store management
  • We have proven auditing and surveying strategies
  • Branding your product is our priority
  • RAC is unique to the industry by having dynamic and customized reporting systems