Individual Training

We have a dedicated DIRECTOR OF TRAINING who co-creates a training packet with our client for each project. Once the training packet is distributed, we have a conference call with all the merchandisers, Brand Ambassadors and client to review the packet of information. In store meetings with RAC’s REGIONAL MANAGERS, director of training, and our clients reinforce guidelines and performance. We are proud to be the eyes and ears of those we represent.


Our quality work in the field is easily observed through…

  • Critical Issue Reports
  • Relationship management between the store and RAC personnel
  • Promptness of visits per client directed schedules
  • 24 hour detailed online reporting
  • Superior in-store merchandising skills
  • Availability of corporate staff support
  • Compliance with client priorities
  • Ongoing communication with area supervisors and upper management
  • Follow up on store issues
  • Direct communication with clients when requested
  • Training of sales associates at store level
  • Execution of spiffs, promotions and contests
  • Organization of stockrooms (when directed) as well as selling floor
  • Utilization of excellent merchandising tools provided through a partnership of clients and Account Managers
  • Increased brand loyalty through our interaction with sales associates and consumers