Eric B., Director of Sales and New Business Development, Major Legwear and Apparel Manufacturer

I hope all is well.  I wanted to let you know I just received selling info on our Private Label programs and there has been a significant increase in sales since your team was in there, clearly a direct correlation.

To be specific, the stores that you serviced had a 24% increase in sales vs. a 4% increase in stores that you did not service.

Our Private Label business overall has been on fire (both fashion and athletic) and I gave your contact info to a few of my associates who will be in touch.

I will be sending Marcia the Fall Skechers and Puma POGS by the end of the week.  the new fall plans next week.

Please let me know when you are around over the next couple of weeks and have a great 4th!


Tracey E., Merchandise Manager, Women’s Handbag and Accessories Manufacturer

As I reflect over my past seventeen years of working here it is with great appreciation that I write to you today. It has been over eight years since we began our partnership with Retail Assistance and it has been and exciting and rewarding journey!

When we first reached out to RAC, we were working with several merchandising services and part timers across the country. As we developed a close relationship with your account manager we turned more projects over to your team. We were always impressed by the efficiency and quality of service that you all provided. Your team members are intelligent, creative, resourceful, ambitious and they greet each project with a can do attitude.

Your account manager told me that her goal was to have RAC cover all of our department stores across the country. As a result of her asking for our business and diligently working to exceed all of our expectation we did turn over all of our business to RAC.

You and your staff are true team members. You have consistently and generously offered your resources and creative ideas of how we can improve our business together and increase sales at The Sak. I really appreciate your passion and sincere interest to grow our business. Thank you for your continual collaboration, open communications and for always raising the bar of excellent merchandising standards.

I look forward to our next meeting in person. Until then, thank you for your energy and thoughtfulness.

Warmest regards,
Tracey E.

Scott G., Vice President, Store Manager, Herald Square- Home Northeast, Macy’s

Thank you for your support and commitment to the businesses you serve at Macy’s Herald Square. The team that you have in place in housewares, Shareef, Tony and Margo, are all terrific and do a great job serving our customer and helping to drive our business results. 

I would love to have the opportunity to brainstorm with you either over the telephone or during your next visit, ways to improve our replenishment execution and, as a result, our sales. Please feel free to reach out with any thoughts, questions or concerns you may have. 


Scott G.

Ken O., COO, Women’s Handbag and Accessories Manufacturer

Just wanted to share some exciting news with you on one of yours/mine favorite accounts.

At Kohl’s we were up 19.4% in April (month)and in May (month) we were up 48.7% in sales with a million dollars less inventory than last year! Week 18 we were up 99.5% (correct) with 100k less stock than last year and last week (19) we were up 41% to last year and we finally caught up to the inventory plan as we are now just 17k short to revised plan. You and your team deserve a lot of the credit!

You asked how our business is so I couldn’t wait to throw out some serious numbers. I am going to need your help as the discussion now is how to add SLG’s to all doors. That is also very good.

Always a pleasure and hope to see you soon!

Shane W., Director of Sales- Global Footwear and Apparel Manufacturer

I’d like to thank you for your partnership and services this year. The efforts and quality you/your team provide has allowed our company to extend our partnership with our most key customers. In addition, and most important, the in-store services you provided have increased revenue for both us and our customers. Not an easy task in a challenging retail environment.

Thank You! ~Shane

Mark T., Senior Vice President Retail Development and Marketing, Macy’s

As Macy’s Merchandising Group undergoes a major transition that may affect our relationship, I wanted to send you a note of gratitude to you and your incredible team.

You have been partners with MMG for nearly twelve years of which I have overseen the division for the last four years.

Your team has been an integral part of our strategy and growth.  The quality, integrity and professionalism of you and your team has led to the success of our business partnership. As I have toured the stores I have had the privilege to interact with RAC employees.  The caliber of your team members is the best.  They are hard working professionals who represent your company and our brands exceedingly well.

Your team have established long term relationships at our stores which has been critical to our success.  They know how and who to partner with at the stores to solve problems.  In addition, your account management team is results oriented and have been able to anticipate our needs and helped us identify opportunities and issues.  You have been true partners!

We both know; however, that we are a metric based company. We would not continue with you and your firm unless we demonstrated results. Year after year, season after season, we evaluate your performance based on control stores without service. Your team always outperforms these control stores. As a result we will again, continue with our strategy employing your team in the stores this coming year.

Overall, I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with your organization.



Steven B., Selling Brand Ambassador, Global Watch Company

As you’re aware, the brand ambassador program in Columbia Mall, Maryland ended this past week. The Department manager shared with me some numbers for June MTD. Volume to plan: +146% for Columbia, Volume to LY: +116%.

The Region was minus 27% to plan and down 9% to LY. The program was a huge success!

~ Steve

Nicole, Buyer, Denim and Apparel Manufacturer

I want to congratulate the ALL the MC’s on an amazing month of sales for July!!! We had all but 6 doors exceed their sales plans for the month and overall RA beat plan by 13%!!!! I have attached the sales by door highlighting our 3 winners for the contest last month!

#1 Kings Plaza +115% to plan
#2 St Louis Galleria +107% to plan
#3 Kenwood Town Center +92% to plan

Excellent job! Thanks =)

~ Nicole

David P., Assistant Buyer, Kohl’s Department Stores

Thanks for stopping in. Below are the sales results for the EDG doors you visited:

RA 300 Doors:
Sales $: +5% To LY
EOH: $: -30% To LY

Total Kohl’s:
Sales: -62% To LY
EOH: -30% To LY

67% swing! Great job! I will keep you posted with any updates from our other vendors.

Thanks, Dave

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