Focus Groups

Utilizing our platform of personnel, dashboard, reporting systems and nearly instantaneous communication network, we can determine nearly immediately if branding material and messaging translates well before it is executed.  We can highlight what resonated well, what received mixed opinions and what failed to a statistically significant group.

For example, does packaging A work better than packaging B and C?  Why?   Of the following brand images, which resonated with you?  Do you like the way fixture A is set versus fixture B or C? Rate the ease of use of the web site? What product(s) did you migrate to?

Some background:  The costs of entry to a traditional focus groups is high.  A moderator costs on average is $2,500 per session, recruitment incentives is about $100 per head, recruiting is another $75 a head.  An average cost for 6 people is $6K-7K!  The cost of entry may be too high and the time involved, too long for a firm to engage a focus group for a quick response.

Utilizing our services, we can provide data feedback within 24 hours at the cost that is a fraction the expense of a traditional focus group.