Professional Merchandisers

We have over 1,000 fully qualified merchandisers across America. In fact, we have a team member within 15 miles of every major mall in the nation.


We only have professionals on our team. Each field representative undergoes a rigorous vetting process. We find qualified candidates through the World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards and in store referrals. Each candidate must be a current merchandiser who is then screened by experienced RAC hiring managers. Our team of over 1,000 merchandisers is hired with the understanding that compliance with the needs and requirements of each individual client is our highest priority.

RAC Account Managers work closely with our merchandisers to execute projects from start to finish. They clearly understand the product line for which they are responsible. Service Call Reports are customized to meet the information needs of each client. The highest standards are executed and consistently monitored by our managers to maintain and bridge the needs of our manufacturers and our retailers.