Customized Reporting

RAC impacts our client’s business:

  • We offer the ability for our clients to view photos and reports on line
  • Our output (reporting) is easily digestible. We parse the information so that our clients can respond to real issues. We offer customized reporting including: 1. a full Comprehensive Report, 2. a Summary Report (detailing one to two lines about the service), 3. a Critical Issue Report (that highlights problems and opportunities that require immediate attention), photo reports and executive summaries, 4. Photo Reports, and 5. End of month Executive Summaries (Scorecard).
  • Questions can be changed and customized for single locations
  • Our clients have email links on the reports to the Field Merchandiser and Brand Ambassador should they want further information

Our professional data gathering, dynamic online dashboard and customized reporting systems are what differentiate Retail Assistance from the rest.