Ken O., COO, Women’s Handbag and Accessories Manufacturer

Just wanted to share some exciting news with you on one of yours/mine favorite accounts.

At Kohl’s we were up 19.4% in April (month)and in May (month) we were up 48.7% in sales with a million dollars less inventory than last year! Week 18 we were up 99.5% (correct) with 100k less stock than last year and last week (19) we were up 41% to last year and we finally caught up to the inventory plan as we are now just 17k short to revised plan. You and your team deserve a lot of the credit!

You asked how our business is so I couldn’t wait to throw out some serious numbers. I am going to need your help as the discussion now is how to add SLG’s to all doors. That is also very good.

Always a pleasure and hope to see you soon!