Mark T., Senior Vice President Retail Development and Marketing, Macy’s

As Macy’s Merchandising Group undergoes a major transition that may affect our relationship, I wanted to send you a note of gratitude to you and your incredible team.

You have been partners with MMG for nearly twelve years of which I have overseen the division for the last four years.

Your team has been an integral part of our strategy and growth.  The quality, integrity and professionalism of you and your team has led to the success of our business partnership. As I have toured the stores I have had the privilege to interact with RAC employees.  The caliber of your team members is the best.  They are hard working professionals who represent your company and our brands exceedingly well.

Your team have established long term relationships at our stores which has been critical to our success.  They know how and who to partner with at the stores to solve problems.  In addition, your account management team is results oriented and have been able to anticipate our needs and helped us identify opportunities and issues.  You have been true partners!

We both know; however, that we are a metric based company. We would not continue with you and your firm unless we demonstrated results. Year after year, season after season, we evaluate your performance based on control stores without service. Your team always outperforms these control stores. As a result we will again, continue with our strategy employing your team in the stores this coming year.

Overall, I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with your organization.