Tracey E., Merchandise Manager, Women’s Handbag and Accessories Manufacturer

As I reflect over my past seventeen years of working here it is with great appreciation that I write to you today. It has been over eight years since we began our partnership with Retail Assistance and it has been and exciting and rewarding journey!

When we first reached out to RAC, we were working with several merchandising services and part timers across the country. As we developed a close relationship with your account manager we turned more projects over to your team. We were always impressed by the efficiency and quality of service that you all provided. Your team members are intelligent, creative, resourceful, ambitious and they greet each project with a can do attitude.

Your account manager told me that her goal was to have RAC cover all of our department stores across the country. As a result of her asking for our business and diligently working to exceed all of our expectation we did turn over all of our business to RAC.

You and your staff are true team members. You have consistently and generously offered your resources and creative ideas of how we can improve our business together and increase sales at The Sak. I really appreciate your passion and sincere interest to grow our business. Thank you for your continual collaboration, open communications and for always raising the bar of excellent merchandising standards.

I look forward to our next meeting in person. Until then, thank you for your energy and thoughtfulness.

Warmest regards,
Tracey E.